Water Quality Field Meters

Water quality field measurements should represent, as closely as possible, the ambient physical and chemical properties of the surface-water or groundwater system at the time of sampling. Properties such as temperature, DO concentration, and Eh must be measured directly (in-situ) in the water body. Other properties such as pH, conductivity, and turbidity may be measured either in-situ or from a sample withdrawn from the source, depending on the type of equipment selected for field measurements. These properties are measured at the field site.

YSI Pro Series

The easiest, most versatile handheld solution for spot sampling in the field or lab. Simply choose the Pro Series model, cable length, and probes that are right for your specific application – from aquaculture to surface water to wastewater and more.

In-Situ Multiparameter Field Meters In-Situ SmarTROLL RDO

In-Situ's fully customizable multiparameter sondes are ideal for groundwater and surface water monitoring. Choose only the sensors you need, and save money on those you don't. SmarTROLL handhelds are the industry's first water quality monitoring sensors to utilize mobile device technology.

YSI EcoSense Meters YSI EcoSense pH10aYSI EcoSense pH100a

YSI EcoSense meters are designed for quick, accurate results on economical platforms.

Aqualabo Aqualabo Digital Water Quality Instrument and Sensors

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Aqualabo offers both reliable, accurate, and easy to use digital water quality sensors that generate data needed to make informed decisions. Explore our wide range of sensors today, and discover why Aqualabo is the trusted choice for water quality monitoring.

YSI ProDSS Measurements from Boat

Aquaread Multiparameter
Field Meters
Aquaread AP-2000 Package

Aquaread Multiparameter Water Quality Instruments

The Aquaread series of instruments offer an impressive range of sensor configurations and are suitable for long term, short term and spot deployments. This makes Aquaread an ideal choice for companies which are increasing their focus on water quality monitoring and stepping up their monitoring practices in order to protect global water quality.

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meters
Horiba U-50

HORIBA provides a wide array of highly precise, extremely reliable and easy to operate instruments, which are widely used in variety of water monitoring applications.

Oakton Testr Water Quality Meters

Oakton 50 Series pH Pocket Testers

The Oakton pH pocket testers stand up to everyday use, harsh environments, and the test of time. The testers can even stand upright when the cap is used as the stabilizing base.

  • Long lasting double-junction pH electrode sensor
  • Easy-to-replace sensor module lets you reuse the tester body
  • Intuitive interface has self-diagnostic error messages
  • Simple operation at your fingertips with MENU button, 1-button calibration, and HOLD button to freeze readings for recording
  • Valox® body resists most chemicals and is rugged, dustproof, waterproof, and IP67 rated
  • Leakproof cap functions as a sample cup
  • Uses common AAA batteries, and auto shutoff extends battery life

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Oakton 50 Series pH Pocket Testers Specifications
Oakton pHTestr 50 Operating Instructions
Oakton ORPTestr 50 Operating Instructions
Oakton CTSTestr 50 Operating Instructions
Oakton PCTSTestr 50 Operating Instructions