Rental Dissolved Phase and
Total Fluid Hydrocarbon
Remediation Equipment

Dissolved Phase Contaminants — The part of (VOCs-hydrocarbon) contamination which has dissolved/partitioned into a body of water (In our case – groundwater and typically petroleum based compounds).

When hydrocarbon product is present in the dissolved phase in groundwater extraction wells, the contaminated groundwater must be treated. Geotech has the equipment for pump-and-treat systems. Pump and treat is a common method for cleaning up groundwater contaminated with dissolved chemicals, including industrial solvents, metals, and fuel oil.

Total Fluids Extraction – The removal/recovery of groundwater (usually contaminated with dissolved phase contaminants) along with any free phase product; such as gasoline and groundwater contaminated with gasoline that has portioned into it. Chlorinated solvents could also fall into this category.

Total fluids recovery systems generally require LNAPL/water separation which may be difficult due to emulsification. Emulsification problems can be minimized by proper pump selection.

Pneumatic Remediation Pumps Pneumatic Remediation Pumps

Pneumatic remediation pumps that pump to the surface dissolved hydrocarbons, leachate and condensate. They are built to withstand highly corrosive fluids in harsh down-well environments.

Advantages for using pneumatic remediation pumps:

  • Intrinsically safe for hazardous environments
  • Controller-less pumps available
  • Systems can be solar-powered

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Water Treatment Systems

Geotech LO-PRO™ Air Strippers

Air stripping is widely used to remove volatile contaminants from groundwater. Geotech LO-PRO™ models II and III are highly efficient water treatment systems that can remove up to 99.99% of many volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from water.

Systems are self-contained for use in limited space applications.

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Lowering a Geotech Auto-Reclaimer AR4 into a well
Lowering a Geotech Auto-Reclaimer AR4 into a well.

Electric Submersible Remediation Pumps Electric Submersible Pump

Grundfos Redi-Flo3™ SQE-NE Environmental Pumps

Redi-Flo3 pumps incorporate a totally new motor design. With the use of permanent-magnet technology within the motor, Redi-Flo3 pumps deliver unmatched performance. The combination of permanent-magnet motors and Grundfos' own micro frequency converter, we are now able to communicate with the pump in ways never before possible. Just a few of the features that come out of this combination are constant level control, soft-start and integrated dry-run protection. These are just a few of the many features that Redi-Flo3 pumps can offer.

Redi-Flo3 pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a variety of environmental applications including:

  • Remediation
  • Pollution Recovery
  • Leachate Recovery
  • Dewatering
  • Tank Applications

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