Electric Submersible Pumps for
Total Fluid & Dissolved Phase Hydrocarbons

Electric submersible pumps are the groundwater extraction pumps usually used at contaminated sites. In lower flow-rate applications, alternative pumps such as pneumatic pumps are also used.

Pump materials are compatible with the contaminants present at most sites. The pumps are constructed of stainless steel, and the motor leads, seals, and bearings are made of materials that are compatible with the site contaminants.

Let Geotech remediation pump experts help you configure the best pump for your site conditions and goals.

Grundfos Redi-Flo4™ Submersible Sampling & Remediation Pumps

Grundfos Redi-Flo4

Grundfos Redi-Flo4™ submersible pumps are constructed of virgin PTFE and stainless steel to handle the rigors of contaminated groundwater pumping. Ideal for sampling and continuous operation in remediation applications. Grundfos Redi-Flo4™ Environmental submersibles meet EPA guidelines for environmental equipment and have been proven through extensive use in the field to be the industry choice.

  • For applications in 4 inch (10cm) diameter and larger wells
  • Efficient purging/remediation to depths of 524 feet (160 m)
  • Flow rates of up to 45 GPM (170 LPM) for purging and remediation
  • Stainless steel and PTFE are the only materials used in the Redi-Flo4 submersible pump ends
  • Features built-in check valve to prevent backflow into the well once the pump is shut down
  • User friendly cable guard aids in the installation of motor lead
  • Variable speed pump applications available
  • Variable speed controller can run both Redi-Flo2® and certain 2 hp Redi-Flo4™ models.

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Grundfos Redi-Flo4 Specifications
Redi-Flo4 Installation & Operating Instructions

Grundfos Redi-Flo3™ SQE-NE Environmental Pumps

Grundfos Redi-Flo3

Redi-Flo3 pumps incorporate a totally new motor design. With the use of permanent-magnet technology within the motor, Redi-Flo3 pumps deliver unmatched performance. The combination of permanent-magnet motors and Grundfos' own micro frequency converter, we are now able to communicate with the pump in ways never before possible. Just a few of the features that come out of this combination are constant level control, soft-start and integrated dry-run protection. These are just a few of the many features that Redi-Flo3 pumps can offer.

Redi-Flo3 pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a variety of environmental applications including:

  • Remediation
  • Pollution Recovery
  • Leachate Recovery
  • Dewatering
  • Tank Applications

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Grundfos Redi-Flo3 Specifications
Redi-Flo3 Installation & Operating Instructions
Grundfos CU 300 Instructions

SunTech Drive PicoCell™
Solar Motor ControllersSunTech Drive PicoCell™ Solar Motor Controllers

PicoCell 2000 PicoCell 3500  

Designed for off-grid installations, PicoCell™ motor controllers use solar energy to powers electric submersible pumps, compressors, and other inductive loads. The PicoBlender can be added to seamlessly blend energy between a solar array and a power grid. These small devises now integrate the functions of an inverter and variable frequency drive (VFD) controller into one. No need to use costly and proprietary DC controllers when you can use universal off-the-shelf PicoCell™ and PicoBlender components.

  • Run standard AC motors using solar power
  • Universal solar controller for single/three phase 50/60Hz, 115/230VAC motors
  • Modular design for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Solar VFD allows motors to run longer on solar
  • Off-grid projects can qualify for tax credits, grants or other local rebates
  • Patented and made in the USA

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SunTech Drive PicoCell Specifications
SunTech Drive AC Backup Solar Motor Controller
SunTech Drive PicoBlender 2500 Manual
SunTech Drive PicoCell 2000 Manual
SunTech Drive PicoCell 3500 Manual
SUN-RAC LT Series Installation Manual

Electric Submersible Motors

4 inch Electric Submersible Motors

Environmental electric submersible motors are the driving force behind water resource and environmental remediation pump system design. These motors are a dependable option for operation in 4 inch or larger wells and are compatible with a variety of pump-ends options provided by Geotech. The motors are available for most applications with models designed for hydrocarbon and chemical pumping, high temperature environments, or water well applications.

  • Corrosion-Resistant All Stainless Steel Exterior Construction
  • Stainless Steel Splined Shaft
  • Hermetically-Sealed Windings
  • Non-Toxic Water Lubricated
  • Filter Check Valve
  • Kingsbury-Type Thrust Bearing
  • Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm
  • Lightening Arrestors Built-In (all single-phase and 200–230 Volt three phase models)

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Electric Submersible Motors Manual
Electric Submersible Motors Specifications

Grundfos SQFlex
Renewable-Energy Based Pumping SystemsSQFlex Renewable-Energy Based Pumping Systems

The Grundfos SQFlex system has the ability to operate off renewable power sources, eliminating its need for line power.

The SQFlex system is equipped with the SQF submersible pump and the necessary components to operate in remote locations in a variety of applications. Power options include solar, as well as generator.

  • High efficiency
  • Wide voltage range
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Dry-running protection
  • Over and undervoltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over-temperature protection

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Grundfos SQFlex Systems Specifications

Santoprene® Twisted & Jacketed Submersible Pump Cable

Santoprene jacketed 3-wire with ground
Santoprene® jacketed 3-wire with ground

Santoprene® twisted & jacketed type cable furnished in pre-cut lengths with a water tight ETP fluoroelastomer plug on one end for direct connection to Franklin motor. Stranded copper conductor, 2-wire with ground or 3 with ground.

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Santoprene Pump Cable Specifications

FEP Fluoropolymer Twisted
& Jacketed Submersible
Pump Cable

FEP fluoropolymer jacketed 3-wire
and 2-wire with ground

FEP twisted & jacketed type cable furnished in pre-cut lengths with a water tight ETP fluoroelastomer plug on one end for direct connection to Franklin motor. Stranded copper conductor, 2-wire with ground or 3-with ground.

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FEP Fluoropolymer Pump Cable Specifications

Grundfos Enviro Retrofitted Submersible Pumps

Grundfos Enviro Retrofitted Submersible Pumps

These Grundfos submersible pumps are made of stainless steel and retrofitted with PTFE to handle the rigors of contaminated groundwater pumping and continuous operation in remediation applications. Built to deliver optimum efficiency during periods of high demand, all Grundfos pumps provide low, long-term operating costs and high operating reliability regardless of the application.

Enviro retrofitted Grundfos submersibles meet government guidelines for environmental equipment and have been proven through extensive use in the field.

Many models and gpm ranges to choose from.

4" (10cm) & LARGER WELLS:

5 GPM (18.9 LPM):
Grundfos 5S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

7 GPM (26.5 LPM):
Grundfos 7S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

10 GPM (37.8 LPM):
Grundfos 10S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

16 GPM (60.6 LPM):
Grundfos 16S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

25 GPM (94.6 LPM):
Grundfos 25S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

35 GPM (132.4 LPM):
Grundfos 35S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

45 GPM (170.3 LPM):
Grundfos 45S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

62 GPM (234.7 LPM):
Grundfos 62S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

77 GPM (291.5 LPM):
Grundfos 77S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

6" (15cm) & LARGER WELLS:

85 GPM (321.8 LPM):
Grundfos 85S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

150 GPM (567.8 LPM):
Grundfos 150S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

230 GPM (870.6 LPM):
Grundfos 230S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

300 GPM (1135.6 LPM):
Grundfos 300S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

8" (20cm) & LARGER WELLS:

385 GPM (1457.4 LPM):
Grundfos 385S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

475 GPM (1798.1 LPM):
Grundfos 475S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

10" (25.4cm) & LARGER WELLS:

625 GPM (2365.9 LPM):
Grundfos 625S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

800 GPM (3028.3 LPM):
Grundfos 800S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

1100 GPM (4163.9 LPM):
Grundfos 1100S Enviro Retrofitted Pumps

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Geotech GeoShield Cooling Shrouds

Geotech GeoShield Cooling Shrouds

GeoShield Cooling Shrouds encapsulate electric submersible pumps to protect them against overheating and allows for easy installation in horizontal or vertical wells. The inside diameter of the GeoShield Shroud is slighter larger than the motor housing, forcing water past the motor to displace heat. The outer-material provides a smooth minimal-contact surface making installation easy. Large intake ports allow for high-efficiency flow while an internal mesh screen guards against debris entering the pump intake.

  • Made to Order – Can accommodate most electric submersible pump brands or models.
  • Tough Materials - HDPE designed for demanding environments
  • Rounded Edge – Reduces surface tension and friction
  • Serviceable – Removable protective mesh screen strainer
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Optional – Stainless steel, PVC, and wheeled SS shrouds available

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GeoShield Cooling Shrouds Specifications

Geotech GECM (Geotech Environmental Control Module)

Geotech GECM
GECM shown with optional total runtime counters, fusible disconnects, 7-day On/Off timer

The GECM is a specially designed microprocessor based industrial control panel for operation of a wide variety of industrial equipment including Geotech remediation pumps and blowers. The GECM will accommodate many different combinations of equipment from one control panel.

Telemetry Packages Available

More Information

Geotech GECM (Geotech Environmental Control Module) with Telemetry

Geotech GECM with Telemetry
GECM shown with optional total runtime counters, fusible disconnects, 7-day On/Off timer

Stay in touch with deployed remediation systems via SMS (text message) Telemetry embedded within Geotech Environmental Control Modules. Systems with Telemetry are optimized for simple send and receive queries that make remote sites convenient to monitor.

Systems are connected through a cellular network and accounts are managed through Geotech. Costs will depend on size of systems, frequency of alert conditions and commands, and location relative to cellular service. Antenna types will depend on location and proximity to cell towers.

Control panels may be queried for status updates and to respond to alert conditions via simple commands.

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